Electric Guitars

Hagstrom guitars are based on three different series, these being the Northen, Vintage, and Ultralux series. Each series has been specially developed to offer a unique instrument to cater to a multitude of different players and playing styles.

Northen Series: Being completely fabricated in Europe, each detail of the Northen Series guitars has been scrutinized to offer premium tone, supreme looks, and flawless playability. The Northen Series guitars will capture the heart of the performer which demands only the highest levels of workmanship and tone. A series of guitars which are developed and built with a single goal; to provide the musician with a new musical companion throughout life.

Vintage Series: Based on the classic “Vintage” Hagstrom guitars of yesteryear, these instruments use the same neck profile and features that placed Hagstrom guitars in the focus of an array of musicians around the world for decades.

Ultralux Series: Ultra slim and ultra fast! The Ultralux series guitars are built with a purpose to suit the modern player by providing an ultra slim neck for ultimate comfort and total accessibility over the entire fret board.

Will Sergeant

Plays with Echo and the Bunnymen

Aaron North

Plays with Jubilee | The Icarus Line | Nine Inch Nails | Queens of the Stone Age | Buddyhead




Plays with BUGDUST

Jake Cinninger

Plays with Umphrey's McGee

Alex Hutson

Plays with Marsupilami

Curtis Chambers

Plays with P.Diddy | LL Cool J

Mathias Färm

Plays with Franky Lee / Millencollin

Damian Kulash

Plays with OK Go

Andreas Rafwelsäter

Plays with Noice

David MacGregor

Plays with David MacGregor